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    Crafting an Immersive Event Experience for Grants

    We were presented with the opportunity to develop a high-end event toolkit by Grants. The purpose of this toolkit is to transform an entire venue into an immersive Grants whisky experience throughout the event.
    While Grants whisky is well-known, it lacks instantly recognisable brand iconography, a crucial element in modern branding. We identified an opportunity to utilise illumination, form, and a logo symbol to establish a distinctive Grants 3D visual language. Our goal was to strengthen brand iconography while providing a memorable experience to build brand equity and connect with younger consumers.
    We created a comprehensive event toolkit where each element contributed to crafting a unique Grants experience. From the triangular neon walk-through entrance to the bar, DJ booth, and Grants lounge featuring custom-designed furniture and an iconic photo experience, we crafted a fully immersive brand experience. The use of the triangle, gold "G" logo, and red neon lighting successfully achieved the brand's objective of reinforcing brand iconography and ensuring the brand's personality and availability remained at the forefront of consumers' minds.

We created a high-end event toolkit for Grants, transforming venues into immersive whisky experiences. By enhancing brand iconography, we built brand equity and connected with a younger audience.

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