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    Kellogg’s Tasty Troopers: Unveiling the Delectable Delight in Collaboration with Spar

    The opportunity lay in accentuating the versatility of Kellogg’s kids' cereals and repositioning them as a go-to choice for anytime meals or treats. The primary focus was to foster enjoyable family moments that were shared and cherished, aiming to associate Kellogg’s with the concepts of exploration, diverse taste experiences, and the creation of imaginative adventures. By seizing this opportunity, the goal was to redefine the perception of Kellogg’s cereals, establishing them as the preferred option for families seeking a fusion of delightful taste and imaginative joy.
    To drive engagement and create an immersive experience, it was crucial to weave a golden thread throughout the campaign's narrative, expressing the idea that Kellogg’s kids cereals serve as the catalyst for exploration, taste, and imagination.
    We conceptualised a key visual that embodies exploration, taste, and imagination, crafting a whimsical world using Kellogg’s cereals. Each cereal served as a building block for a captivating, fantastical realm, sparking wonder and adventure. This scene displayed the limitless possibilities and enjoyable experiences with Kellogg’s cereals. Our goal was to immerse audiences in this distinctive world, inspiring and exciting them, while highlighting the diverse range of cereals as a platform for creativity and enjoyment. For the second phase, we integrated the win mechanic by featuring the Nintendo Gaming Station in this realm of fun and adventure. Finally, we developed an ecosystem of shopper marketing tools that catered to all the key points of a shopper's journey.

We developed a campaign to amplify the spirit of exploration, taste, and imagination. It was grounded in a concept-based narrative that established a golden thread to drive engagement and immersive experiences.

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