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VF! partnered with Jägermeister to Boost Sales by 45% in Shoprite and Checkers

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Find out how understanding shopper behaviour allowed Jägermeister earn a 45% boost in market share and gain the accolade of category captain in the Liqueurs and Shooters category.

The alcohol industry is a dynamic and highly competitive environment that requires ever-increasing merchandising and marketing expertise.

DGB (PTY) Ltd wanted to fully understand the value of category purchase drivers, as well as the in-store behaviour of the existing shopper base.

They also needed a short course on the role that displays play in further developing their brand.

Revealing Insights for Success.

  • Shopper Behaviour Insights: Learn how understanding shopper behaviour propelled Jägermeister to a 45% market share boost, making them a category captain in Liqueurs and Shooters.
  • Competitive Alcohol Industry: Recognise the dynamic and fiercely competitive nature of the alcohol industry, demanding continuous growth in merchandising and marketing expertise.
  • Value of Purchase Drivers: Discover how DGB (PTY) Ltd aimed to comprehend the significance of category purchase drivers and the in-store behaviour of their existing shopper base.
  • The Impact of Displays: Understand how DGB (PTY) Ltd sought to enhance their brand through a better understanding of the role that displays play in the ever-evolving landscape of the alcohol industry.

Our Brief

Our brief from DGB was to help them understand shopper dynamics within the digestif and shooter categories, as well as in relation to the whole liqueur and specialities aisle. Secondly, we needed to define the existing triggers that encourage in-store excellence.


Understand shopper dynamics within the digestif and shooter categories.

Gain insight into how Jägermeister performed in the whole liqueur and specialities aisle.

Build knowledge on how displays play a role in brand development.


VF!’s customised shopper analysis model was applied to collect a full spectrum of behavioural data.

We conducted in-depth research comprising shopper interviews, a behavioural analysis of shoppers in store, a scale audit of the liqueurs and shooters category across multiple stores, a sales data analysis and range rationalisation.


Understood the value of purchase drivers and in-store behaviour to grow their brand.

Learned which solution worked best to increase the level of product relevance with shoppers.

Increased Jägermeister market share by 20% in Shoprite and 45% in Checkers.

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