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VF! partnered with Jagermeister to Boost Sales by 45% in Shoprite and Checkers

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Find out how understanding shopper behaviour allowed Jagermeister earn a 45% boost in market share and gain the accolade of category captain in the Liqueurs and Shooters category. The alcohol industry is a dynamic and highly competitive environment that requires ever-increasing merchandising and marketing expertise. DGB (PTY) Ltd wanted to fully understand the value of category purchase drivers, as well as the in-store behaviour of the existing shopper base. They also needed a short course on the role that displays play in further developing their brand.

Revealing Insights for Success.

  • Shopper Behaviour Insights: Learn how understanding shopper behaviour propelled Jagermeister to a 45% market share boost, making them a category captain in Liqueurs and Shooters.
  • Competitive Alcohol Industry: Recognise the dynamic and fiercely competitive nature of the alcohol industry, demanding continuous growth in merchandising and marketing expertise.
  • Value of Purchase Drivers: Discover how DGB (PTY) Ltd aimed to comprehend the significance of category purchase drivers and the in-store behaviour of their existing shopper base.
  • The Impact of Displays: Understand how DGB (PTY) Ltd sought to enhance their brand through a better understanding of the role that displays play in the ever-evolving landscape of the alcohol industry.


  • Understand shopper dynamics within the digestif and shooter categories.
  • Gain insight into how Jageermeister performed in the whole liqueur and specialities aisle.
  • Build knowledge on how displays play a role in brand development.


  • VF!’s customised shopper analysis model was applied to collect a full spectrum of behavioural data.
  • We conducted in-depth research comprising shopper interviews, a behavioural analysis of shoppers in store, a scale audit of the liqueurs and shooters category across multiple stores, a sales data analysis and range rationalisation.


  • Understood the value of purchase drivers and in-store behaviour to grow their brand.
  • Learned which solution worked best to increase the level of product relevance with shoppers.
  • Increased Jagermeister market share by 20% in Shoprite and 45% in Checkers.
  • Download the full case study.
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